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How to use ImgUpscale

What is ImgUpscale?

Let's find out what is ImgUpscale before learning how to use it.

ImgUpscale is an image enhancer that uses latest advances in Artificial Intelligence. You can increase the resolution of your photos without thinking about losing quality or having blurry images.


All you need to use ImgUpscale is an account and, of course, a photo. If you are not registered yet, please do it here

How to use ImgUpscale?

ImgUpscale is an easy-to-use tool. You just need to go to 'My Workspace' page, click on the form that uploads the image and select the photo that needs enhancing. You can choose between two scale factors, 2x or 4x. In the future releases we are going to add more options for scale.

Also, you can check out the tutorial video.

Closing remarks

Try ImgUpscale right now and let us know your opinion about it by using the contact form

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Published on 21 Oct, 2022

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